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We then discuss the costs and consequences of age discrimination in employment, and examine various policy responses to these costs and consequences. Negative effects can be observed not only in career paths and occupational opportunities, but also increasingly in family life, wellbeing, health outcomes, with increased stress levels, lower self-esteem, and loss of a sense of control North and Fiske The reversal of early retirement options has proven a difficult path for many governments.

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For older workers this entails a risk, as their options of finding a new job are more limited due to widespread age discrimination in recruitment practices Sargeant A more recent approach consists of policies targeted at combating age discrimination, age boundaries in the labour market, and motivating employers to recruit and retain older workers.

Thus, this is a policy which does not differentiate patients based on comorbidities or clinical presentation, but on age alone.

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This study also found that younger patients were more likely to be recommended for breast reconstruction procedures following mastectomy. Access to care following a stroke, or cardiovascular accident CVA , is one example that has been studied by researchers. A review of the research literature related to age stereotypes in the workplace was recently published in the Journal of Management. These effects might be seen within different levels: person, selected company, whole economy. The relationship between experienced discrimination and health status and well-being has been reported to be moderated by other individual factors such as coping style, sense of control and social support Jang et al. They are also paid a lower minimum wage and not allowed to work full-time. A north-west versus south-east European gradient is found in experienced discrimination due to old age. With the increasing number of old citizens, policy concerns about the ageing population and the changes of the situation older people have to live in, the question arises: to what extent does age discrimination exist these days in Europe and do old people experience discrimination because of their age? Employers that do not hire on merit, in other words, risk their own survival as they compete among themselves for a shrinking pool of younger workers. These are usually actions taken as a result of one's ageist beliefs and attitudes.

Thus, older adults represent a highly significant group of users of the health care system, and their care has a major impact on health care costs.

London: Profile Books, Wellcome Collection.

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The ageing of the population will cause significant social changes as well, especially in regard to the financing of retirement schemes and the delivery and financing of care OECD For example, one research study analyzing videotaped encounters between a physical therapist and an older patient found that distancing and indifferent behaviors e.

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Experienced discrimination amongst European old citizens