Agadir kasbah writing a letter

No other place in this city would be more famous. A whole past so rich but not enough known. In broad outline, the project involves the idea of restitution of the ramparts. Agricultural activities are based around the city.

agadir mountain name

You can sort of see the writing on the side of the mountain. To the left is where the earthquake vitcims "are sleeping"! Visitors would surely love the feeling of having visited the place. The road passes below the city, half-way between it and Founti: Founti is a miserable hamlet, a few fishermen's huts; Agadir, despite its white enclosure which gives it the air of a city is, I am told, a poor village depopulated and without trade.

agadir kasbah writing a letter

There is a wide range of Standard bivouac camps, several top end Luxury Bivouac Camps and also Luxury Guest Houses all worth while of consideration. Les Amicales: also known as the "city of bureaucrats".

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Kasbah / Agadir Oufella