An analysis of evaluating the bull market today

More suitable comparisons for eBay would be Amazon. Do not indulge in day trading if you have not mastered the art of managing your capital. Given the marginal participation of investors in equity markets, this must be good news.

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Remember that a bull market is not defined by its highs, but by its lows. Additionally, we can scan almost the entire universe of stocks on StockCharts.

In addition to quantitative performance measures like the numbers you'll find in the statementscompanies provide investors with a wealth of qualitative information as well.

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What is upside capture ratio? Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this column are that of the writer. Not all strategists agree how and when to measure the bull market's run, but even so it has prompted a debate about what types of things could mean an end to the bull market — and one of the biggest is the Fed.

The annual fee you pay the fund is so worth the benefits you will receive and it is just fine to focus on your own work and earnings, instead of trying to be an equity investor on the side.

What you have to be hawk-eyed about is the loss. So how should you, the burgeoning analyst, approach metrics?

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Evaluating Bullish Scan Results in a Bear Market