An overview of the american society by michel guillaume jean de creveceur

If I had an income of louis I would return to cultivate my lands and my friend ship s and whoever would want to be consul would become it.

Do note the poem prologue, worth a study in itself. How is he different from a European?

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Here they are become men: in Europe they were as so many useless plants. He also traveled about working as a surveyor. He was the first writer to describe to Europeans — employing many American English terms — the life on the American frontier and to explore the concept of the American Dreamportraying American society as characterized by the principles of equal opportunity and self-determination.

As Durand Echeverria described in his work Mirage in the West, the dream of America and the mutual admiration of Frenchmen and Americans peaked in the s and s, before dissipating under the intense pressures of state-building in America and the Revolution in France.

Induring the American RevolutionSt.

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Julia Post Mitchell, St. The letter also includes James' view of the American Indians around him and his plan to run away with his family and live among them until the fighting ceased.

according to crevecoeur, why was the american a new man?
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J. Hector St. John de Crèvecœur