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A doctor is called to the house, and he examines Margaret. He obliged, and left for Australia. This is the first in a series of jobs; Frank will go on to work for Mr. Angela had a rough birth, and caused her mother great pain. Frank explains that the Italian grocer gave it to him. With the onset of World War II, many fathers in Limerick go to England to find work and send money back to their families. Frank distinctly remembers this, because it was the first time he ever saw blood. He is constantly worrying about a sin he fears he may have committed, more frequently than not more concerned about its consequences for other souls than his own. He was born in Toome, and had a rough life, always getting in trouble. Angela, weeping, whispers that her husband will start drinking again and starve his family to death. The boy always has some job or other going on while he goes to school. Indeed, the few simple, happy moments in the memoir quickly devolve into violence or misery—here, for example, a cheerful afternoon playing in the street quickly turns into a more frightening scene. As Frank plays with his brothers, a boy named Freddie Leibowitz rushes into the playground.

Cite This Page Arn, Jackson. Timoneydelivering newspapers for his nasty Uncle Ab, delivering telegrams as a messenger boy at the post office, writing collection letters for the mean-spirited Mrs.

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Nevertheless, he had nowhere to run, and in March he married Angela. Leibowitz and Minnie McAdorey, the situation does not improve. Soon Angela gives birth to two more sons, Michael and Alphie.

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In particular, Frank's flair for storytelling gets him noticed by his teacher. One day, Frank and Malachy were playing on a seesaw. When this happened, Angela would take Frank, Malachy Jr.

He died of cancer in When Frank jumped off the seesaw, Malachy fell to the ground and cut his mouth.

angelas ashes summary

Thus, Frank got his name.

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Angela's Ashes: Theme Analysis