Apa style for lab reports

psychology lab report on memory

Will the answer fill a gap in the literature? Again, there should be a clear organization. A third preliminary issue is the reliability of the measures. The body of the text and in the APA References page at the end of your report.

Organization of Reports There are seven sections to a report. Another would be to answer the main question first and then to answer secondary ones. The procedure is how the study was carried out.

Article reports more than one experiment. Plan and write an effective APA-style research report. How to Set Up a Lab Report Helpful lab report formatting tips Proper lab report format is important In Part One of this series, we discussed 10 key lab report writing tips.

The method section generally consists of three subsections: participants, apparatus or materialsand procedure. What were the independent and dependent variables? Science Department Lab Report Format. Give the answer to the research question in words.

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How to Cite a Report in APA