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For further support and advice please speak to your adviser. Work can be annotated using either or both of the following methods: flagging evidence in the margins or in the text summative comments, referencing precise sections in the work. Students should know their NEA text well so that they can discuss method in an explicit way, and can make judicious choices in their selection of supporting material. Resource packages: Non-exam assessment Theory and independence This resource provides guidance on the non-exam assessment NEA requirements for A-level English Literature B, and should be read in conjunction with the NEA requirements set out in the specification. Students will encounter this synchronic approach in component 2: Texts in shared contexts, and exemplar student response A is an excellent example of the successful connection of a prose and drama text, written within twenty five years of each other, from the Victorian period. AO4: Explore connections across literary texts. A poetry text could be either one longer narrative poem or a single authored collection of shorter poems. The specification is committed to the notion of autonomous personal reading and Texts across time provides students with the invaluable opportunity to work independently, follow their own interests and to develop their own ideas and meanings. What is important, given that the NEA assesses all five assessment objectives AOs , is that each task must allow access to them all. You have to take multiple stands on what you are as a person, and include that all in an ordered literature. She fantasises about her death. November 9, There is no way to get it back.

The conventional piece could be presented in the form of literary journalism if the student so wishes, so long as it meets all the criteria. Exemplar student response A is a good example of how access to all AOs is enabled by the task and the moderator commentary explains how the AOs have been addressed by the student.

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AO1: Articulate informed, personal and creative responses to literary texts, using associated concepts and terminology, and coherent, accurate written expression. Students must have sufficient direct supervision to ensure that the work submitted can be confidently authenticated as their own.

November 9, There is no way to get it back. School and college consortia If you are in a consortium of schools or colleges with joint teaching arrangements where students from different schools and colleges have been taught together but entered through the school or college at which they are on rollyou must let us know by: filling in the Application for Centre Consortium Arrangements for centre-assessed work, which is available from the JCQ website jcq.

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It develops and exemplifies the requirements, but is wholly consistent with them. We will send you an invitation to complete teacher standardisation if: moderation from the previous year indicates a serious misinterpretation of the requirements a significant adjustment was made to the marks in the previous year your school or college is new to this specification.

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Aqa english cover sheet coursework