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Although they are knowledgeable that death is near, they lived with honor hoping to die with enough glory to have their name live on. If someone is killed, it is only reasonable to want to take revenge on the one that killed him or her.

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Thus, is the reason why blood feuds are common among the tribes. Even so, it is a remarkable narrative story in which the poet reinvigorates the heroic language, style, and values of Germanic oral poetry.

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We must bond together, hield and helmet, mail-shirt and sword. He encountered terrifying monsters and the most ferocious of beasts, but he never feared the threat of death. Some people consider Beowulf a tragic hero, and some people just consider him a hero period.

Hundreds of years ago people sought revenge for reasons similar to those of present time. He intertwines a number of themes including good and evil, youth and old age, paganism and Christianity and the heroic ideal code, into his principal narrative and numerous digressions and episodes; all of which were extremely important to his audience at the time.

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The warrior code, or wyrgrid, was viewed as the ultimate man-price and widely accepted. Hundreds of years ago people sought revenge for reasons similar to those of present time. These are the noble qualities only certain epic knights condone. Everyone knew each other and considered one another family. Grendel wants retribution from humanity for making him a monster. However, a payment or truce does not satisfy the desire for revenge in the Poem. The poem concentrates on the life of the adventurous Geat warrior, Beowulf. Many literal pieces from early time periods have used this word and adjusted it to be a core theme. Throughout the oldest surviving epic poem, Beowulf an Anglo-Saxon piece of literature, the courageous warrior Beowulf, hero of the Geats, embodies these heroic characteristics as the defender gallantly volunteers to aid King Hrothgar defeating not one or two, but three heinous creatures with honor Loyalty is an extremely important trait one could have.

A king is to protect their people and make the kingdom flourish. There were two kingdoms in this story that were overcome by evil.

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There are various mentions of wyrd in the text, so even though the characters do things to triumph over their rivals, they are fully conscious that their fate helps to determine their results in life. This theme of retribution that is present throughout the whole poem seems to enrich the identities of its characters. The Germanic tribes were loyal to their people and would fight in order to avenge their fallen one. Also, the central idea of revenge in the poem opposes the ideas of Christianity. The concept of mortality is used to reflect the culture of both the Anglo-Saxon and Christian culture; through their belief in death and preserving ones name through history. In Finnsburh story, the Danes and the Frisians are joined by a marriage. For example, if one tribe member kills a member from a different tribe, that tribe comes and takes revenge. One of the strongest similarities is the idea of revenge. Revenge is a emotion that can be stronger than love and that comes saddled with hate, anger and tragedy. In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein the character of the monster is a intelligent , kind hearted being who spirals down a path of darkness after being rejected by his creator Beowulf is a story about a young warrior and his quest through life. He was able to use his super-human physical strength and courage to put his people before himself.
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