Bilogy coursework london zoo

In this module, we investigate the scientific evaluation of wild animal welfare and critically analyse the relationship of health with both reproduction and nutrition.

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Conservation Biology Module You will develop a conceptual understanding of which species and populations are vulnerable to extinction, how we can monitor their population dynamics and how resources to conserve species can be allocated most successfully using a scientific approach.

To confirm the exact start date please email admissions rvc. You will explore the relationships between animal, human and ecosystem health using examples of infectious and non-communicable diseases to illustrate One Health principles within an evolutionary and ecological context.

On arrival at the zoo, we took part in a lecture run by one of the zoos members who works in the education aspect of the zoo's function. Armed with this knowledge you will be equipped to make informed decisions on control methods, where these are considered an ethical approach.

You will explore what One Health is, how to investigate a disease outbreak, pandemic prevention, and what the challenges are of working with wildlife. An understanding of the biology of pathogens, how they behave in the host animal and animal populations, and an understanding of how the host combats infection are all requirements of modern and successful control strategies.

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Biology Coursework London Zoo