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how did the black sox scandal affect baseball

Mass production was possible through the assembly line, which allowed for products to be produced faster and more efficiently Amidon Lusted Veeck Sr. Minutes after the Black Sox were acquitted on August 2,the players, their attorneys, and members of the jury in shirt sleeves celebrated the verdict by posing for a photo on the courthouse steps.

Those maintaining that the White Sox were now playing to win often cite the decisive two-RBI single of erstwhile fix ringleader Chick Gandil.

black sox scandal thesis statement

The act by these players would be called the Black Sox Scandal. While their investigative journalism revealed the truth, their questionable methods and ethics have led to these questions; Do the ends justify the means.

Caught off-guard by defense maneuvers, the prosecution scrambled to present rebuttal witnesses, most of whom were excluded from the testifying by Judge Friend. The prospect of fix financing was revived by Hal Chase who, by means unknown, had also gotten wind of the scheme.

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