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Learn More Track your progress Compare your performance to your peers and to your financial forecasts using easy-to-understand dashboards.

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In addition to written responses, BizPlan Builder provides financial tools like calculators, graphs and budget-feasibility tools. Learn more. Track your cash flow, compare plan versus actual results, and more. What works particularly well here is that there are a huge number of plans and templates to start from, with additional support for planning financials and consultancy services on top, if required. You can import data from QuickBooks, and LivePlan even features a forecast mode that proposes different financial outcomes based on certain scenarios. Wise Business Plans provides a very wide range of templates to work from in constructing a business plan. With turnaround times ranging from 10 days to a few weeks, services will review your company's data, conduct research and draft your plan. Once it's finished, there is usually a revision period where your company can review and propose edits to the plan. Canvas What People Say? These resources can be a big help with not only drafting a business plan but also with establishing a company vision and framework. What features should you look for when comparing business plan software solutions? The takeaway The right business plan software can make your life easier. The aim is to inform and provide insight to those interested in building their first real website. Most Popular. State of the Industry The value of a business plan has been a widely debated topic, as some companies have achieved success without laying out a firm framework.

What are the benefits of business plan software vs. Business plan software puts your business plan in your own hands, so you are responsible for how long the writing process takes.

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Wise Business Plans provides a very wide range of templates to work from in constructing a business plan. Whether your business needs a business plan depends largely on your short-term goals as a company.

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While software might be able to do the job for you, if you're looking for significant funding, it's probably useful to get some professional advice, not least in terms of strategic planning, feasibility studies, and financial projections to ensure you have a solid base for your business plan.

After trying a few online business plan services I found Upmetrics. This allows multiple team members to edit and adjust the business plan simultaneously.

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