Cholo writing

Characteristics associated with choloization include low socioeconomic status, marginalized acculturationproblems in school, and the need for cultural support, protection, and a sense of belonging.

Cholo as an English-language term dates at least to the early s; in modern usage in the United States, the term cholo usually indicates a person of Mexican, Central American or Indio descent, who is associated with a particular Southwestern culture.

The image remains, even as the carnage between gangs continues. The massive serial signatures known as tags are familiar both as an element of the worldwide image of the metropolis, and as a symbol of Western urbanity. The forerunners of the cholo tradition were the pachucos, Mexican American adolescents who belonged to gangs between and A clique tends to have a unique behavioral and stylistic signature and may be known to specialize in particular activities, such as violence or drug use.

Writing a group name on a wall makes it immortal.

mexican cholo font

In the early 21st century, some of its stylistic elements were appropriated by pop stars and clothing manufacturers for consumption by the wider youth culture.

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Cholo Writing: Latino Gang Graffiti in Los Angeles