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My day job and family took over my life. Green America tells us half of them are now made in China, where "workers are regularly exposed to dangerous chemicals without protective gear or adequate training, and some are developing serious illnesses such as leukemia and nerve damage. How do cellphones work? You've come to the right place! If an energy-saving lamp saves energy, how come it still makes exactly the same amount of light? Simple, right? We really were one unexpected bill from disaster. Why not join our friendly Facebook page , where we post cool science and technology news? Fair trade doesn't just means farmers and producers receive more money so they can support their families in the short term—though that's vitally important. When commodity prices fall, they're still paid the guaranteed minimum price for their products, so they have a basic safety net against poverty. Cooperatives use no child or forced labor, use organic and environmentally sustainable methods, and most often have high standards for animal welfare. Ebooks priced for a minimum of 99p, and less than 3 megabytes in size, earn a 35pc royalty. Usually, small suppliers sell to discerning buyers who happily pay a premium for the very best coffee, so direct trade also helps to raise the standard of what's grown and drunk.

Global warming : Why is the world getting hotter and what can we do about it? Free trade is a part of globalization and it sounds great in theory: if we removed all barriers to trade, such as import tariffs the taxes companies have to pay to get their goods into another country and sell them thereall countries could compete on a level playing field—and what could be fairer than that?

Batteries : We all need electricity, wherever we happen to be, so thank goodness for batteries—miniature power plants you can carry in your pocket!

Is nuclear power safe or not? And the advent of ebooks played a major part in his success. You can read more about the rigged rules of free trade on Oxfam's Trade campaign website.

That's certainly an improvement on ordinary, commodity coffee, which makes no promises at all. You've come to the right place! In , public-school teachers in the U. Diana Lynn Slater of Pleasant Hill was born October 31, , in Kansas City, the daughter of Leonard Bryant and Barbara Jewell Daniel Slater and departed this life on Saturday, December 20, , at her home surrounded by love and family at the age of 57 years, 1 month and 20 days. Jane's sister, Elizabeth Bessie Burden, was born. It sounds like a great idea and it's a sentiment virtually everyone would endorse—but unfortunately it oversimplifies things. Communications : Why do we bounce telephone calls off satellites?

We regularly add new articles and constantly update and improve our older ones. We especially liked the pop-up and removable interactive components in this book, which can be used to introduce children to basic physics and engineering principles or to introduce inquiry science lessons involving simple machines.

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Please click here to find out more. According to founder Roy Scott: "There remains an enormous discrepancy between pay, conditions, and opportunity that Europeans would regard as acceptable, compared with those of the producers of most products being bought.

George Herman "Babe" Ruth Jr.

chris woodford science writer salary

Emma Shelton, William Morris's mother, was born in Worcester. It's Fair Trade Month.

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Exactly How Teachers Came to Be So Underpaid in America