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Website: cecilyware. We hope you enjoy all the great books! We offer a bespoke and personal approach to all our clients and their projects, and seek original ideas and lovely people to work with. As a boutique agency, we provide a dedicated and personal service to each individual client. The team represent film and television directors, writers, producers, estates and the film and television rights for a select number of books. Over the last couple of years, he has collaborated with leading critics, novelists, TV-show writers, performance on their humor titles, and almost all his collaborations have turned out to be staggeringly successful. In , the company raised equity financing to fund strategic growth, and in , ICM acquired the literary agency Broder Webb Chervin Silbermann. She initially worked in the contracts and marketing department as an editor, before finally switching paths to be the publishing director of Harper Collins. Get our Script eNewsletter and receive the latest in screenwriting news and, for a limited time, get a free download of the How to Write a Screenplay workbook! The agency is highly regarded for its proactive approach in developing relationships with both UK-based and international producers, financiers and broadcasters. Agents are registered with the state and can only charge ten percent for their services. While we have particular expertise in advising and representing significant literary estates we are equally excited by working with newer writers who will become the voices of the next generation.

As a boutique agency we pride ourselves in being able to offer a personal, dedicated service to our clients with the experience and media contacts that ensure their interests are well served both in the UK and international market places.

The Agency was founded in by Darley Anderson and has its head office in London, with a regional office in the book town of Hay-on-Wye.

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Website: jtmanagement. Inthe agency completed a management buyout and formed a partnership with the new name, ICM Partners. For more information, visit www.

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We offer a fresh, proactive approach in seeking out opportunities and forging relationships with producers and broadcasters, both domestically and internationally, to develop the careers of our writers and directors. To learn how you can help them, check out their website. With an experienced and dedicated team we provide an individual service to meet the needs of our clients. Our work protects readers, creators, librarians, retailers, publishers, and educators who face the threat of censorship. CBLDF is a lean organization that works hard to protect the rights on which our community depends. The agency is highly regarded for its proactive approach in developing relationships with both UK-based and international producers, financiers and broadcasters. The trend these days is for writers to hire an entertainment attorney to negotiate a deal for them. Twitter: DenchArnold Elaine Steel Management Elaine Steel represents writers and directors in film, television, stage and radio as well as book writers Website: elainesteel. What managers can not legally do is negotiate a deal so they work with entertainment attorneys for that. We wanted the company to reflect the best aspects of both small and large agencies.

Monika is always willing to work with new authors, so if you have some humor titles to share, reach out to her on this page. So, if you think your humor titles can spark her interest, contact her on this page. Currently serving as an associate agent for the Red Sofa Literary Agency, she is also a freelance editor, and the writer of four books.

comic screenwriting agents

Daniel is native to the city of New York, and he graduated with a degree in honours from the Wisconsin College.

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