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I'll take Steve's word that we were.

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They will then tend to cross it again with some degree of frequency from months to decades, re-enter a more full-on Dark Night, and cycle this way until they may finally get stream entry or just die before that part of the process completes itself.

I don't remember how it happened, but my friend, Steve Singer, from WNYT, recently reminded me that's when it happened.

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I broke up with my girlfriend, moved into an apartment alone, and was pretty dark for a while. Never mind that my parents didn't like the music, it was my radio, in my room. Dan always had a great smile and a big laugh for visitors. I lasted 5 months doing volunteer service in Calcutta before I had to go on retreat again, so I went to Malaysia and sat in the Malaysian Buddhist Meditation Centre, and that is when I really learned to practice. Otherwise, for twenty years, Ingram ruled radio. Today, it's all about rolling the music and commercials. He mastered the one-liner and the double entendre. I haven't spoken to him for a while and haven't gone on the DhO for quite a while due to being busy with other projects, but his descriptions really hit the nail on the head in a lot of ways. After that I was hyper-energetic, hyper-philosophical and yet convinced that philosophy held no further answers, but I had no idea what to do next. Both in timing and duration these would seem quite different, and yet functionally they may be the same from an overall map point of view. A really well written piece on a subject that caused a lot of us so-called "hardcore dharma" practitioners to question what we were doing and then go deeper again. John, he always took me over to see Dan. It would be 10 years before I would have any idea of what that was or what it meant. I was and still am a big fan of flying dreams, and so quite without instruction or guidance, I decided that I would practice flying before going to sleep so as to maximize the chances of me having them.

We were at a tribute to Scott Muni, another radio legend. I was standing on a long, straight, dusty, country road with tall wild rose bushes lining either side as far as the eye could see. After that I was hyper-energetic, hyper-philosophical and yet convinced that philosophy held no further answers, but I had no idea what to do next.

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I wonder if Ingram could find a place in radio, today. This is differentiated from the perceptual phase characteristics of the 1st jhana, where the beginnings of objects in the very center of wherever attention is placed are more clear and seeing them requires sustained effort and is generally much more slow and clunky, and the 3rd jhana, during which the endings of phenomena in the chaotic and complex periphery show themselves in a naturally irritating way that feels out of phase with attention somehow despite the sometimes intensely unpleasant clarity, and the 4th jhana, in which things are not nearly so fast or vibratory but instead tend to be experienced in a wide open, fluxing, panoramic and more spacious way.

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Awakening to Reality: Daniel M. Ingram's Essay: My Experiments in Actualism