Democracy and objectives short answer questions

But the General Assembly cannot take any decision about what action should be taken in a conflict between countries. For this a citizen not only needs an equal right to vote but also needs to have equal information, basic education, equal resources.

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The landlords, the rich and the church opposed his reforms and policies. How can you say that every government that holds an election is not a democracy? Give one example to prove that the global institution, IMF, fails to pass the simple test of democracy that is used for national governments.

What teaching materials are available for the specific aspects of the topic?

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There is a space for public discussion on these mistakes and there is room for correction. In my opinion, the democratic countries do not have any right to wage a war in order to establish democracy in non-democratic countries. In a democracy, each adult citizen must have one vote and each vote must have one value. Why is Democracy considered the best form of government? Explain any three major political changes that took place recently in India's neighbourhood? Give three reasons. A new trade union called Solidarity was formed. In Saudi Arabia women do not have the right to vote. However, the real power is with the five permanent members; and they possess the veto power. We do not recommend any kind of bias towards one type of material, but rather an integrated approach. This requires a constant effort to save and strengthen democratic forms of decision-making. Why is it not possible for the people to rule directly but through elected representatives? Why did the workers of Lenin Shipyard in Gdansk go on strike in ? Who was Allende? In China, elections are regularly held after every five years for electing the country's Parliament.

Moreover, unless people of a nation are themselves actively engaged in a struggle to make their society democratic, external help will be hardly of any help.

Special abilities and skills such as being able to argue for or against an issue, which are particularly important in taking part in political events, must be trained and promoted in Education for Democratic Citizenship.

Do I have a general understanding of the whole subject matter which enables me to select a specific topic?

Democracy and objectives short answer questions

In what way is learning in school linked with learning out of school? Why Democracy? We do not recommend any kind of bias towards one type of material, but rather an integrated approach. Have I enabled the students to move forward from knowledge to action, that is, can they confidently apply the knowledge they have acquired? This member Security Council of the the UN takes crucial decisions. It is true that every government that holds an election is not a democracy. What role does General Assembly play in the UN? Can it be called a choice? Give three reasons. What steps did he take to help the poor?

What do I focus on in my teaching — cognitive, personal or social competence? Some members are elected by the Army. Democracy is a more accountable form of government.

Pakistan under General Musharraf could not be called a democracy because people there elected their representatives to the national and provincial assemblies but the power to take final decision rested with army officials and with General Musharraf.

Either the rulers have to change their decisions or they can be changed.

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