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The main work of my paper will be the analysis of three major perspectives on dream theories: The psychoanalytical, the biological, and the cognitive perspective.

It dates back Dreams thesis B. He initiated the psychological character of dreams and considered dreaming as simply activity of the mind during sleep Siebenthal Tie to the audience: a. This can be a way of seeing events or situations from a different point of view.

This success is attributed to the fact that he was the first person to study dreams in a comprehensive and scientific way Foulkes In this poem we find so many Devine interventions in human activities. During our daily lives we experience many external objects of stimulus, and when we sleep the external objects perceived leave our range of senses.

So when a person goes to sleep and the subconscious is active these issues will try to express themselves as feelings, images or scenes. This view is coming into question due to decades of research on the contents of dreams.

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Ancient Egypt Metaphysical Theory 2. However, it is a field of psychology not highly regarded in western societies as an extremely important aspect of psychoanalysis or the entire field itself. At first, I will give a short historical overview on the role of dreams and how they have been seen in different societies.

Martin Luther King Jr. Dreams disguise infantile wishes as to evade our censorious conscience and be fulfilled pointlessly in fantasy.

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The Significance of Dreams, An Outline