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Research on powerpoint effectiveness

Science: Non-statutory guidance. There is no age limit for learning; it depends on priorities and awareness only. London: David Fulton Publishers. Effect of PowerPoint presentations on student learning. Associatively encoded information results in memory traces that include information about multiple verbal or Nonverbal items Paivio Teacher A used traditional method of teaching in presenting his lessons while Teacher B utilized PowerPoint presentations in demonstrating his unit of instructions. With an agreement to Felder, similarly there are different teaching styles as well. Spiegel, A. Steinbart, P. In contrary, the study made by M. York, England: NCC.

Originally PowerPoint was developed for commercial and business purposes by Microsoft before approximately 20 years. Summary of findings A comparative analysis Summary of findings Teacher A who used traditional method of instructions control group Teacher B who used power point presentations experimental group Mean Students should also be aware as to why they are working so that they are able to relate to other students and receive help if required.

Effects of teaching with powerpoint presentations on student learning and attitudes in the classroom

Table 1. Some learn by seeing, hearing, reflecting, modelling, reasoning, and drawing etc Felder, In contrary, the study made by M. Hassell, L. The respondents were divided into Group A and B and used as control and experimental groups respectively. Aiding note-taking and thus facilitating study is another purported advantage of using PowerPoint Cook, Group A traditional method of teaching perform better than group B PowerPoint presentation 2. Phoenix, AZ. With an agreement to Felder, similarly there are different teaching styles as well. Spiegel, A. If this is true, the bigger question is, does PowerPoint help students learn? This study used the PowerPoint slides that came with the textbook. Dual Coding Theory is based on the assumption that the same information coding presenting in two different but supporting each other forms enhances efficiency in learning. This action research was experimental in nature. Reflecting on experiences I have always taught primary classes so my experience cannot be considered diverse.

However, I, along with the other teachers of the same level have tried to integrate teaching strategies which would help students in the best possible way. On the other hand, the students enjoyed the most when they were taken to the computer lab or exposed to nature, especially for science.

It aims to help most and for all students learning. At the end of the 1st quarter, the respondents were evaluated their academic performance based on the modules presented.

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Human information processing theories focus on how the human memory system gathers, transforms, compacts, elaborates, encodes, retrieves, and uses information. While offering guidelines for educators in using technology for instruction, Bryant and Hunton suggest that individual characteristics cognitive differences be taken into account in instructional design.

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Impact of technology on education