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In her study of these systems, Simard has identified a dense communication network of interlinked roots and fungus, all which share water and nutrients. I have read it twice.

Put another way, if agency is defined by intentional, reflexive action, to what extent can nature be said to act? If we think of one tree, in isolation, the question of agency continues to seem far-fetched the Ent of the Rings aside. Instead, there are several sign systems at play here, each which seeps into the other, and changes the message entirely.

Cooperating, they share information about their resources and, indeed, transmit these resources to each other in order to survive. Reading was a way to wade and proceed in an environment, whether of literary symbols, mathematical symbols, or physical signs.

It is nevertheless the water that drives the piece. Essay selecting a college Essay selecting a college tale of two city essay argument essays can be further developed with francis ponge le cageot dissertation christopher hitchens vanity fair essays on friendship twu admissions essays battle of pharsalus essay writing.

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They communicate in simple, disjointed commands that are as heartbreaking as they are humorous, and the syntax of their language borrows from computer code. Each of the ten videos, rendered in Flash, comes coupled with a segment of Strickland's poem, which can only be read in pieces, not simply because the segment is a fragment of a larger piece, but because the placement of the words on the screen are dependent upon the movement of the chreods.

The poetry that forms on the surface of this section complements the darker color tones: Figure 6.

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