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Before accepting a temporary reassignment to another country, involve your partner or family in the decision and anticipate the changes it will mean. However, lifestyles which had developed among European colonials continued to some degree in expatriate communities.

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This turnover of employees is especially concerning because a major reason companies send employees on assignment is to develop human capital and create global leaders. When professionals move internationally, many struggle or fail. That means a lot to me. Study up on your destination, too: culture, history, people, what everyday life looks like.

Making the Move Leave well, so you can enter well.

Expatriate employees problems

This decision was made with my family, who enjoyed a home leave visit a bit later in the year. Of course, the benefits of spending time working and living in a country and culture that is vastly different from the one you grew up in help balance out the professional and personal cost-benefit equation. Spread your wings and fly How do you know whether you should say no? Both sets of relationships, new and old, will improve the transition for everyone. Expatriate salaries are usually augmented with allowances to compensate for a higher cost of living or hardships associated with a foreign posting. The most common reasons for refusing an assignment are family concerns and the spouse's career. While nothing makes an expat move easy, approaching these four steps systematically can greatly improve your chances of making it a success. Expat Child Syndrome is defined as ".. Given the expense of sending people abroad, companies will often send one or a small number of people with the necessary skills and aptitude to get an important job done. First, frame the decision as a real choice — go or stay? Thanks for reading! Even worse, it may not be your fault. If your prestigious new position requires a substantial amount of travel, your social life may suffer, for example.

Also stay connected with your partner and children. The Forum for Expatriate Management estimates the annual cost of failures to all U. Twitter Congratulations! For most firms, the reality is generally a few steps removed from the image they like to portray in their marketing materials.

A cross-cultural coach who has lived and worked overseas can help navigate complex personal and professional waters abroad. Send out your new contact details, equip grandparents with tablets and Skype, set up social media groups, or start a family blog.

There may be a significant language barrier.

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They knew I was not a corporate tourist.

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Before you accept that exciting expat assignment, know this first