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Generally by calculation. Activity 1 Ethics — Matching columns Choose a word or term from column B that best suits the definition in column A. This will be discussed in 4 in depth. Therefore, a system for the measurement and disclosure of the results of financial actions transactions was developed. Internal control in the business is what management can do to exercise authority over all activities within the business so that maximum profit can be obtained. Transport cost is included in the opening stock figure of R As you attempt the homework, you need to ensure that you are able to answer the questions in the allocated time frames.

The business styles hair for its customers. Therefore the budget is synchronised with the cash budget to ensure that the enterprise has enough funds available if and when needed.

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This profit is called the mark-up. Why is integrity important for managers? Example: If we bought Land and buildings three years ago at a total cost of R and entered it into the books at that price and the asset is re-valued today at Rthe amount that will be entered in the Financial Statements will still be R the price that we originally bought it for.

Omissions Some information or an entry has been left out. It means that you judge a situation objectively and without bias or any preconceived ideas.

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Many activities take place in a formal accounting environment. Close off the account at the end of the month. SJ 45 Jan Jan Dr.

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