Grievance handling

essentials of successful grievance handling

Work environment: It may be undesirable or unsatisfactory conditions of work. Raising grievances [Internet] Castle Associates [cited All employees getting the same compensation should also get roughly the same volume of work and responsibilities.

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Schedule follow-up meetings when necessary, and ensure that the people involved are truly involved. In this procedure, whenever an employee is confronted with a grievance, he presents his problem to his immediate supervisor. These measures could be in the form of company policies or programs that specifically focus on resolving issues employees have within the workplace, whether it has something to do with their job or with their co-workers. No matter how, initially, the complaint may seem silly or nonsensical, there is a need to treat it seriously. Grievance is formal complaint which demonstrates any kind of dissatisfaction in an employee, arising out of the factors which are related to his job. Causes of Grievances: Grievances may occur due to a number of reasons: 1. The types of grievances are based on the nature of the complaint, and we will take a look at the most common ones.

To understand what a grievance is, it is necessary to distinguish between dissatisfaction, complaint, and grievance. The grievance procedures differ from organization to organization. By listening, you are also encouraging the employee to be more confident in resolving his complaint.

Come up with alternative courses of actions.

Importance of grievance handling

You will definitely not listen to the explanation that the company is simply cutting down on costs. This is to avoid complications in the future when employees file more complaints, because there is already a guide or a roadmap that can be followed by the grievance committee. Acknowledgement by the manager implies that the manager is eager to look into the complaint impartially and without any bias. The Grievance Committee makes its recommendations to the manager within 7 days in the form of a report. For example, late bonus, payments, adjustments to overtime pay, perceived inequalities in treatment, claims for equal pay, and appeals against performance- related pay awards. And not just during the investigation period. It is important for people who are in charge of carrying out the grievance process to be good listeners.

If you are asked to do so without a corresponding increase in your compensation, there is bound to be a problem. Initially, the employee may complain orally or in writing.

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Grievance Handling