Gunshot residue aanalysis essay

For example: When a person goes to the aid of a victim of a gunshot wound, some gunshot residue particles can transfer from the victim.

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Since the previous lab tests only examined for the existence of barium, antimony, and business lead, any other element including those elements had the potential to give a phony positive result. Advanced analytical techniques such as ion beam analysis IBAcarried out after scanning electron microscopy, can support further information allowing one to infer about the source of gunshot residue particles.

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However, there were disputes over whether or not GSR is a reliable source of research. The gasses so condensate on the surface, go forthing atoms that are composed of the chemicals in the primer.

Oliver et al, References Books 1. Since SEM-EDX allows a individual to look at the size and form of a atom, GSR atoms can be distinguished from other environmental or chemical atoms that may besides look on the tried surfaces. The number and energy of the x-rays emitted from a specimen can be measured by an energy dispersive spectrometer; this gives information direct to the energy difference.

Gunshot residue history

Forensic science is a systematic technique of collecting and investigating evidence about previous events. A couple of other tests you can use to raised develop and lift the residue design from a surface. BSE are used to detect contrast between areas with different chemical compositions where heavy metal elements appear brighter in the images formed and lighter metal elements appear darker. This gives a more accurate distribution and concentration ratio than swobing a surface and analysing the figure of atoms on the swab. Electrons are very sensitive to magnetic fields and are controlled by changing the current through the lenses. Defense lawyers say that the GSR that was found on the suspect could hold been transferred from the custodies of the constabulary officer that arrested them. The fear is the fact once that has been done that there will no longer be particles kept to detect.
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The Importance Of Gunshot Residue As Evidence