How to write a film festival cover letter

film festival selection process

For example, your project is shot with one plan like Beata Bubunets's film "The Flight of a Bullet"or more than 50 cameramen from around the world worked on the film as in the film "Praise to Nothing" by Serbian director Boris Mitic or a film is completely assembled from shot on a DVR and uploaded to YouTube like Dmitry Kalashnikov's "The Road" is worth mentioning.

Which kind of leads on to the next tip… be courteous and professional in all your dealings. It may be surprising for outsiders to learn how many incorrect applications festivals receive. Festivals are looking to include films that make the programmers wonder, question, laugh, cry, or inspire.

If you have shot your film already, don't sacrifice its quality in the edit just so you can try to get into festivals. Some major festivals also have separate thematic sections.

Student film festivals

If you received a comment from well-known representatives of the profession within the framework of workshops or work-in-progress, where you were given feedback on duty, you should not write about it. That being said, it is totally okay to call out fests that are making decisions unfairly, or that are soliciting submissions under false pretenses. Many people appreciate experiments with genres and formats. Find the weaknesses and strengths of your actors before filming, and give them material that will seem natural for them. If when submitting a film to the festival your application was assigned a tracking number, be sure to include it. Make your film as long as it needs to be, but as short as possible. Before we get started, keep one thing in mind: getting accepted into film festivals doesn't make your film good and being rejected doesn't mean your film is bad. It may be surprising for outsiders to learn how many incorrect applications festivals receive. We recommend to study the festival rules and get acquainted with the point about the premiere policy. Film festival programmers like to be wowed or at least intrigued. Pay special attention to grammar and text formatting.

For example, if the voice-over to your picture read Iggy Pop, or the artistic director of your debut project was Viktor Kosakovsky, tell about it. It makes it possible, while staying within the framework of business etiquette, to present your project as profitably as possible, to highlight its most important strengths and to justify why it is your film that deserves a place in the program.

Film festivals

Save money by sending the submission via regular mail. Consider the difference in time zones. Smaller festivals also give you a better chance of winning awards and sometimes cash prizes. By sending it, you do not impose on anyone, but place accents. Festivals should be open about their selection policies so that you can make decisions that are right for you with all the info available to you. In such cases, festivals often free the author from the submission fee. This is why you need to enter a lot of different festivals of all sizes. If you or someone from your film crew have already represented the film at the festival, feel free to remind this. DVDs can come loose from their plastic mountings during shipping and become damaged, so take care to pack them securely. It is not only unprofessional to submit incorrect applications; it can also cause the film festival committee to think that you have no respect for the submission process. While that might be the ideal length for a film festival, is it the right length for your film? It may be surprising for outsiders to learn how many incorrect applications festivals receive. Follow all guidelines of the film festival precisely. Over the weekend, up to hundreds of letters can come to the address of the festival, it is likely that yours will be lost among them.
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How to Write a Cover Letter