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Frank roused himself.

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The Hunters in the Snow1 It is almost impossible to identify and describe all the details Bruegel constructs the world from tiny pieces. As they passed the barn a large black hound with a grizzled snout ran out and barked at them. His whole face was wet. It missed your appendix. Finally they lost the tracks. He quickened his pace, breasting hard into the drifts, fighting away the snow with his knees and elbows. Then he stopped and lay there, rocking back and forth on his heels and head like a wrestler doing warm- up exercises. Above the ridge of the hills another ridge of blue clouds was rising. I just couldn't. The trees started to blur wiht the shadows and the wind rose and needled their faces with the crystals it swept off the glaze. Every time he barked he slid backwards a bit, like a cannon recoiling. Nothing moved in the chalky fields. Everyone lays claim to a different host of particular sensitivities. Tub tries to validate his deceit by implying that he has lost weight.

Wherever Tub looked the surface was smooth, undisturbed, and after a time he lost interest. This time, however, Tub has had enough. He made the steps and looked back.

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The whiteness seeped up the sky. Tub crawled into the lee of the cab to get out of the freezing wind.

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They get back into the truck and start driving away from the hospital. Because there are so many allusions and allegories, he was more of a poet. He was scared.

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The fall of snow thickened. Learn how and when to remove this template message Hunters in the Snow is a short story by Tobias Wolff centered on the suburbs of Spokane and featured in In the Garden of the North American Martyrs. You think I like hard-boiled eggs? It was dead quiet. Was Bruegel trying to create the world from scratch by assembling it from countless details? Frank and Kenny could have helped him; they could have lifted up on the top wire and stepped on the bottom wire, but they didn't. In the dusk his blood was more blue than red. And if it hadn't been for dimples here I would have, too.
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What Is the Point of View in "Hunters in the Snow"?