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Israel supplies Iran with fertilizer, irrigation pipes, hormones for milk production, seeds, and fruit; Iran, meanwhile, provides Israel with marble, cashews, and pistachios. However, at the same time, Iran provided support for Islamist-Shia Lebanese parties, helping to consolidate them into a single political and military organization, Hezbollah , and providing them the ideological indoctrination, military training and equipment to attack Israeli and American targets. The exchange of fire in early September followed the crashing of two reportedly Israeli drones in Beirut in late August. Yoram Cohen , the head of Shin Bet , claimed that three planned attacks in Turkey , Azerbaijan and Thailand were thwarted at the last minute. Israel stated Iran was using the vessel to smuggle dozens of long-range rockets to Gaza, including Syrian-manufactured M rockets. Israeli Leaders Largely Adapted to the Reality of the Agreement as They Shifted Focus to Nonnuclear Areas of Concern and Began Preparations for the Future Palestinian violence might have contributed to the downgrading of the Iran nuclear issue in Israeli domestic debates, but the conflict in Syria quickly became the predominant concern among Israel's security establishment. Israeli military did not comment on the reports. A controversy over Israeli-Iranian business links erupted in mid But Israel needs to be very careful not to be too heavy handed. On 23 July , Darioush Rezaeinejad was shot dead in eastern Tehran. Israel is concerned that Iran-backed militia could begin targeting it with drones too. Beginning in January , the Israeli Air Force began flying almost daily attack missions against Iranian targets in Syria, dropping about 2, bombs in alone.

The report claims that Iran's peace proposal with Israel was not accepted by the United States. Revolutionary Guard operatives were allegedly seen operating openly at Hezbollah outposts during the war. Katsav said that he shook Khatami's hand and the two had a brief conversation about Iran. The assassinations were alleged to be an attempt to stop Iran's nuclear program, or to ensure that it cannot recover following a strike on Iranian nuclear facilities.

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All RAND perspectives undergo rigorous peer review to ensure high standards for research quality and objectivity. On 8 December , during a summit of Muslim nations in Islam's holy city of Mecca , Ahmadinejad told Iran's Arabic channel Al-Alam a complicated story on the Holocaust and the establishment of Israel. A direct military strike against Iran's nuclear facilities is largely off the table, but military conflict with Iran is still possible through escalation in the Syrian theater. Copies may not be duplicated for commercial purposes. The need for Israel to highlight the threat of Iran, Hezbollah, and even Hamas to Israeli security is always supercharged during election season. On 12 October , an explosion occurred at an IRGC military base near the city of Khorramabad , killing 18 soldiers. Messenger Recent clashes between Israel and Hezbollah on the Lebanese border have caused much speculation of a looming military confrontation between Israel, Hezbollah and Iran, which backs the militant group. Police responded, and the Iranian agent present at the house threw an explosive device at officers that tore his legs off, and was subsequently taken into custody.

According to Iran and global media sources, the methods used to kill the scientists is reminiscent of the way Mossad had previously assassinated targets. Later, an Iranian website said the blasts occurred at a privately owned chemical factory.

According to former IDF Chief of Staff Gadi Eizenkotthe decision to strike Iranian bases in Syria was made after Iran changed its strategy in as the US-led military intervention against ISIL was drawing to an end, planning to exploit the power vacuum to establish hegemony in Syria, building bases and bringing in foreign Shiite fighters.

Some of those reports were confirmed by the Syrian Arab Republic, whereas others were denied. Another 12 people were injured, of whom 7 later died in hospital.

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The head of Iran-China economic room, Asadollah Asgaroladi said in the article that such transactions are easily possible.

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Middle East tensions: what Lebanese border strikes mean for Israel, Iran and Saudi Arabia