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Hang said he advised his friend against it. Advertisement Continue reading the main story Inhe heard that the local government would be the host of a big delegation of Chinese reporters as part of the China Environmental Century Tour.

lake taihu eutrophication

The most serious crisis came in Eighty percent of the waste-water was untreated. He never made the trip. Wu that they could improve the environment together.

poyang lake

It is is In the five years between and the end of2. There is an obvious gap to be filled.

Lake tai facts

He spent weeks traveling throughout the area on his motorcycle, collecting water samples and photographing rivers and canals. Wu agreed to contact a vendor recommended by Mr. But he acknowledged that the two talked regularly before he was assigned to another position in the Yixing government. Wu had illegally aided the steel company boss in preparing false documentation to account for the money the steel company paid Mr. He revealed hidden pipes that discharged black effluent from local factories into the river, which flows into Lake Tai. He was released within two weeks. In , Mr. Wu that they could improve the environment together. The China Central Television crew later joined the Potemkin official tour. Zhang Aiguo, the chief environmental regulator in the city of Yixing, struck up a dialogue with Mr. Jake Hooker contributed reporting from Beijing and Zhoutie.

He arranged covertly for the reporters to inspect a section of the Caoqiao River that he learned the government planned to show them on the coming tour. The steel plant boss, who had befriended Mr.

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Long struggle for a cleaner Lake Tai