Leadership margaret thatcher first woman prime minister br

She chose not to stand as a candidate in the general electionin later years stating: "I really just felt the twins were Much of any leader's record is unremarkable dross, and Thatcher was no exception.

Leadership margaret thatcher first woman prime minister br

In fragile health, Thatcher gave a eulogy at his funeral via video link, praising Reagan as a man who "sought to mend America's wounded spirit, to restore the strength of the free world, and to free the slaves of communism. She had a profound and permanent impact on politics and even changed her own Conservative Parties outlook. Thatcher came to power when the economy was approaching a moment of truth after three decades of poor performance relative to other western countries. For the most part, it has not been undone. Jacques Delors, the fierce French socialist whom she came to see as embodying the ambitions of Brussels — "the Belgian empire" in Thatcher-speak — to destroy British sovereignty, was also a good whipping boy. There turned out to be no such thing as society, at least in the sense we used to understand it. Additionally, in July , Thatcher's office in the House of Lords was permanently closed. Two years later, a sculpture of the strong conservative leader was unveiled in the House of Commons. After completing her training, Thatcher qualified as a barrister, a type of lawyer, in In her second term, from to , Thatcher handled a number of conflicts and crises, the most jarring of which may have been the assassination attempt against her in Margaret Thatcher died on April 8, , at the age of

It is also true that Conservatives, with Churchill in the lead, were so preoccupied with the urgent imperatives of war that much domestic policy, and in particular the drawing-up of the agenda for peace, fell largely to the socialists in the Coalition Government.

No other post-war Prime Minister has been so admired, or so reviled. She believed that his main points about Commonwealth immigration were correct and that the selected quotations from his speech had been taken out of context.

Margaret Thatcher died on April 8,at the age of Hugely unpopular, this policy led to public protests and caused dissention within her party.

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His main weakness, which grew more evident in later years, was a certain laziness - something which is a frequent temptation to those who know that they are naturally and effortlessly cleverer than those around them.

He served as Mayor of Grantham in —46 and lost his position as alderman in after the Labour Party won its first majority on Grantham Council in He too had a very well organized mind.

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She was often tetchy partly the result of toothache and she became involved in a dispute about private health insurance at the expense of other, less prickly, issues. That's certainly what has happened to the rail and seafarers' leader Bob Crow. Each now seems banal. Britain's progress towards socialism has been an alternation of two steps forward with half a step back. She has risen from humble origins by effort and ability and courage. And why should anyone support a party that seems to have the courage of no convictions? It is doubtful that even death will win Arthur Scargill the national treasure treatment currently being given to Crow, given the scale of his vilification and the extent of the challenge he represented to political and economic power from the s to the s.

She was also lucky in the choice of enemies that fate threw in her path - the Kremlin, Argentina's General Galtieri, and the miners' leader, Arthur Scargill, all unwittingly helped her from success to success.

Her groundbreaking views on monetarism and privatization manifested into one of Britain's biggest contributions to political economics in the world.

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His main weakness, which grew more evident in later years, was a certain laziness - something which is a frequent temptation to those who know that they are naturally and effortlessly cleverer than those around them. Thatcher's most loyal Cabinet colleague, Norman Tebbit, called Mandela a "terrorist". Further, our manifesto committed us to the so-called 'full employment' policy of the Employment White Paper, a massive house-building programme, most of the proposals for National Insurance benefits made by the great Liberal social reformer Lord Beveridge and a comprehensive National Health Service. There was simply no option of a gentle rundown of the industry in , with or without a national ballot, as the treatment of pits that worked during the strike demonstrated. Thatcher had needed much persuading by the Reagan administration that the action was required the raids would be carried out by American Fs based in the UK. This regrettable transformation was blessed by a leader who probably did not know it was happening because she didn't care if it happened or not. I should like to thank all those in Cabinet and outside who have given me such dedicated support.

She gave it her best shot. What is one of the first tenets of Conservatism? It accounted for a large part of the mark Thatcher left on Britain.

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The Leadership of Margaret Thatcher, the first woman Prime Minister of Britain.