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Contents [ show ] Personality At first, Patel was a kind and friendly individual who liked the Johnson family.

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The teacher is a total Mr Patel Fam. We only use this information for statistical analysis purposes. Nigel demands Patel to know where Duma is and is about to give up, but Patel, remembering Ted's whistle from earlier, comes up with a plan to get the whistle and Nigel hands him his flashlight.

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Source Mr. Although he came up with the idea of making a fortune out of Duma, Abdullah is the true main antagonist as he drove the plot of the film and was far more dangerous than him. Mr Patels can often be found in Maths classrooms, proclaiming that they are indeed an intellectual for referring to 'Maths' as 'Mathematics'.

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Perhaps I may reciprocate by relieving them of this animal.

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