Nhs scientist training programme essay questions

The programme also includes the completion of a fully funded part-time masters degree related to your chosen specialty. I can honestly say without the help of the careers service and the PwC female mentoring scheme set up by the Plus Programme my interview preparation would have been lacking. I was a STEM Net ambassador, helped at the local multiple sclerosis treatment centre and volunteered at the food cycle kitchen preparing and serving meals to those in need.

Nhs scientist training programme essay questions

You can use examples from University projects or work experience. You can draw from any experience such as university, playing sport or a part-time job. You can use examples from University projects or work experience.

Ensure you have a fall-back option in place. Previous applicants tell us that with practice you can learn how to answer the logical reasoning questions accurately, so it is worth working your way through example tests.

stp application process

University of Manchester students and recent graduates can get assistance from the Applications Advice service in the Atrium in University Place and also look out for Appointments in your School. I get to make a difference and help people through science. Top Tips 1. One applicant this year was near the bottom of the successful places rank and got a London place.

Important: they are looking for scientific leaders, not practioners. Find out more about how we can help you Share this:. We will also update this post over the next few months when there is new information to share with you.

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Applying for the NHS Scientist Training Programme in