Oregon business plan leadership summit agenda

oregon leadership summit 2018

The new research and policy institute is focused on using research and big data to revive flagging economic mobility at a state and local level. In the process, he did a deep dive on several Oregon localities.

oregon business council

The health and economic damages from forest fires affect all of Oregon, Donegan emphasized. It's supported by major Oregon employers, including Nike, which hosted an address about the deal by President Obama in May. Automation conjures up images of robots on the factory floor and in checkout lines.

Ron Wyden. OLSummit pic. The state ranks fourth-worst for high school graduation and near the bottom in per-capita education spending. You can teach a robot to code, but you can't teach it how to be human. The proposed trade deal, which is now before Congress, is criticized by those who say it moves jobs overseas.

Oregon faces a budget crisis.

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Oregon Business Industry