Pest analysis of retail industry

This competition from supermarkets has been achieved through excessive promotions and advertising.

Pestle analysis fashion retail industry uk

Not just taste but other things have also changed about the consumers. Safeway had 3. Demographic changes have also affected the popularity of products. ASDAs George range, which has established itself as a well-known brand and currently has its own website. Unemployment affects not only those out of work but also the entire economy, as people are more cautious about spending in an uncertain economic climate. Then, they shape their offerings based on this data. Often these products may seem existing developments from industries leading the technological advancement arena such as airlines and retail, but this paper reveals that this is no longer the case. There are some trends in the retailing and shopping of the products, are dependent on different national debates and the initiatives, which the government takes through its political process. The issue has also aroused the attention of the UK's principal anti-trust authority, the Competition Commission, which has undertaken two statutory inquiries into food retailing in the last decade Competition Commission, , Not only to streamline services, but also to reach audiences worldwide.

Each company offers retail products online, to be sold and shipped. In principle, the approach sits between other methods of evaluation, to which it is complementary.

political factors affecting retail industry in india

Environmental laws have also grown tough and need to be complied with. This is the exact premise behind CostCo, a Canadian retailer.

Environmental factors affecting retail industry

The result is consumes are flocking to fast fashion avenues. Even the fast fashion brands have felt the challenge in the Middle Eastern countries where political instability and terrorism continue to pose a threat to business. The recession itself is believed to have helped the discount retailing market. Sometimes a shopping street has a partial or full roof to protect customers from precipitation. This was also seen more recently in June , when TJ Hughes announced that it had fallen into administration and that its 57 discount department stores would be closing. The U. Traditionally, food retailers were defensive names that outperformed in a downturn. Economic and governmental factors often overlap in areas such as corporate taxation, import and export laws, and inflation, which can decrease consumer purchasing power. Employees in the UK cannot be forced to work in excess of 48 hours an average a week usually based over 17 weeks ; however, employees can work more over this period as long as the average over the whole period calculates to less than 48 hours per week. A robust economy correlates to an increase in consumers' disposable income, increasing sales and allowing retailers to sell more valuable goods, such as high-end electronics.

Different regulations apply to different shops, while in Scotland there are no restrictions. The retail industry has greatly benefited because of the internet.

pest analysis fashion industry uk

Technological Factors As this is the time of technological changes and it has changed all aspects of life. Inflation Ininflation increased sharply by 5. The growth of digital technology has also increased the number of players in the retail industry.

political factors affecting retail industry uk

Technology also opens new retail markets, with auction platforms like eBay and web-based retailers such as Amazon.

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pestle analysis of retailing industries in united kingdom