Positive influence of television on children essay

Positive influence of television on children essay

News broadcasts can tell us about disasters that may have occurred, weather forecasts, and current events. Viewers who are interested, get educated through these sports events.

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You may also not always be able to control what your kid watches on the TV. Therefore, parents must be more aware of the hours your kids watch TV, and make your kids go outside and get active for a better future.

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If your child has trouble, consult a medical professional. Remember that TV is not the villain. So there is no harm in watching a little entertainment television here and there, and can be a source of relaxation for children who are in pain or stressed. Although the popularity of 3D TV has been on the decline in the recent past, there are still a few networks offering educational programs in 3D. The dependence to television deprives them of their time to play. The positive side of television, there are many educational programs that help inform us. How can television impact child development? Overall, kids who observed more commercial television were found to call for a larger number of things from Santa Claus. From movies to cartoon shows, there are several programs to keep children engaged. It can help them change their behavior and attitude for good 1. We are informed through the television of the latest news, weather, and information which are important in our daily lives. Early exposure to inappropriate content that has sex, alcohol, and drugs, could bring up questions in children, the answers to which may be too complicated for them to understand. Kids who had just seen commercial vehemence accepted many superior levels of aggression than other kids. Children become affected from over exposure to television. Sally Ward, 20 years of research and commitment show that children who are harassed by background television noises in their houses have problems paying attention to voices and calls when there is also a background noise.

Kids who watch a lot of TV daily are not able to pay attention to teachers and the lessons they are taught because they get accustomed to the fast paying scenes they watch on TV.

Educational TV programs encourage children to try new things. It may even encourage violent and aggressive behavior in some kids, which can be detrimental to their social development 6.

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The amount of violence and guns used on TV may give them an impression that the world is an unsafe place for them.

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12 Good And Bad Effects Of Television On Children