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Refraction of light in water

Secondly, if we attempt to measure the angle from the top of the glass block, the measurement will be very inaccurate as there occurs bending of light from the light rays to our eyes through the glass-air interface. The same method was repeated for H2O and propyl alcohol over five temperature readings on a Celsius graduated table. Hue is an artistic way of saying color. The angle of refraction r in the glass block was measured and the results were recorded in a table. The amount of ray bending is dependent on the amount of difference between sound speeds, that is, the variation in temperature, salinity, and pressure of the water. Beginning with my line of sight near C, I looked into side CD so that the dark line could be seen clearly. Evaluation: The method has some weaknesses.

Conversely, light emerging obliquely from a denser medium is bent away from the normal. Temperature can be maintained by utilizing a thermostat bath by agencies of a pump passing distilled H2O. Very well, this is your best up to now.

refractive index of glass experiment errors

However, despite the beauty of a rainbow, this is an unwanted effect in hydrogen bonds are important for theoretical aspects of the laboratory.

It was smeared with water and stuck on the longer side AD of the glass block. The glass prism is not exactly in the center of the drawn circle, which is why the results are not quite correct.

refractive index of glass block

Because the speed of light in any transparent medium is always less than the speed of light in a vacuum, the indices of refraction of all media are greater than one, with indices for typical transparent materials between one and two.

By obtaining the densities, the information can be plugged in to several equations to determine the unknown composition.

Conclusion of refractive index experiment

By obtaining the densities, the information can be plugged in to several equations to determine the unknown composition. This is because the color of the object, such as a red object, will reflect its own color of light and absorb the color that the object does not reflect. The control group will spend 60 minutes in a neutral paint color room and their mood will be measured As the transmitted light moves into the second medium, it changes its direction of travel; that is, it is refracted. How to cite this page Choose cite format:. The results showed that the refractive index did not vary much with water, but it does with 2propanol. Water waves travel slower in shallower water. This makes the road appear reflecting, giving an illusion of water covering the road. For example, the index of refraction of air at standard conditions is 1. N is the figure of molecules per unit volume and alpha is the polarizability. The scale knob was turned to get a clear interface between the illuminated and dark regions; the integer was read from the rough scale and decimal from the refined scale.

The index of refraction for any medium is a dimensionless constant equal to the ratio of the speed of light in a vacuum to its speed in that medium. The refractometer is regulated by a H2O bath above the ambient temperature to cut down the fluctuation of the refractile index because it is easy biased to alter in temperature.

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An Amici prism is designed to bring forth a limited sum of scattering but no angular divergence of visible radiation and are used to obtain the same consequence with white visible radiation that would be utilizing sodium arc light.

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Refractive index by tracing light rays Essay Example