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How to Reject an Unsolicited Resume via Email torosgazete. You can then work out how your background and expertise might be valuable. A job applicant is a person who applied for your open job position by sending the required documents a resume and or portfolio , but did not qualify for the next phase of the selection process. The same email address can be used by everyone in your company. This sample job application rejection letter can be used to reach out to job applicants seeking employment that will not be receiving an interview or moving to your second stage. It may sound impersonal, but especially if it is followed up by a letter similar to the above, the prospective employee at least knows that you did receive their application. Use and customize this rejection letter sample or rejection email template to suit your needs, and send it via email or traditional mail. Type "Thank you for sending use your resume. Instead, writing a speculative application directly to an organisation can be a quicker and more direct route into a job. In other words, you can use this rejection letter sample for all the job applicants that you will not be interviewing or moving to the next stage of your hiring process. But it's also a strategy that puts you more in charge of your job search, and allows you to uncover opportunities that might not have previously existed. For example: "I visited your stand at the Expo fair and was very interested to hear of your plans to expand into the Chinese market. Type "Dear," followed by the person's first name in the first line of the email, followed by a comma.

Make sure your company name is in the address, such as "company-jobs hotmail. This is normally at the top of the resume, or the last page, in the "Contact Information" section. Continue Reading.

Research who is the best person to write to. Use your company domain name in your email address for responding to resumes, such as "hr company. Regards, [Sender Name]. Should a position become available in that time we will be in contact with you.

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Include a second line informing them that the resume will be kept on file, if you plan to keep it. Share via Email Speculative applications can be a more direct route in to a new job. There's always the risk that your letter goes unanswered or you receive a rejection, and it's perhaps the fear of this that puts people off.

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Sample Response to Unsolicited Resume Letter