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This is why fantasy is my preferred genre to write in.

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Their livelihood is entirely up to you and what you want to do with it. You discover, much too late, that your downstairs neighbor is a cannibal. The Write Practice Aliens have just landed on Earth—and boy, did they pick a weird day to come. All the characters should sound different from one another, their vernacular should make sense for their background, and the writer should read it out loud. How do you get everyone to believe you? What is the greatest wisdom that you would like to impart on the world? However, I know three writers, one a friend here in town, who sells a lot more than five copies per short story per month. They go to investigate the cause and end up really regretting that decision. The reader anticipates the status quo will be disrupted soon, and is probably already anticipating ways that might happen. For every day of total silence a person completes, they receive a piece of gold. Write about how life for your main character has never been easy. But when your best friend turns out to be the complete opposite of how you thought, a relationship can get tricky. Now your character knows why.

Their decision? But, all that said, it is very possible these days for a good short story writer to make a nice living writing only short fiction.

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Some stories will sell none, others will sell thirty. Unfortunately, they become radioactive, toxic, and severely deadly to anyone who breathes in even a tiny amount. Bobby the Bunny wants to make friends with a fox pup who recently lost its family. While watching the evening news, the anchor looks directly at the camera and begins screaming before the camera cuts to black. For your main character, that seems obvious. Write about nature extremists taking over the government, stopping at nothing to ensure all man-made harm on the planet is eradicated. The actual earth is sick and killing all the plants and probably life as they know it. This is why fantasy is my preferred genre to write in. Emotions can be controlled. Your character is one of many attempting to board a ship set for a new in-ocean settlement. Call to action Are you sometimes stuck with your writing? Write about your favorite childhood pet.

There was a lineup outside the shop. They average around 5, words.

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You and your family are on a hike when you stumble upon a group of witches in the forest, in the midst of casting spells. You are the first person able to breathe in outer space. You and your ghost best friend are an infamous crime-solving team.

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Tell the story of the tooth fairy… Imagine that she just started her job and has to be trained. Suddenly, you see something outside that snaps you out of your reverie.

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Your dream is to open a restaurant and be a top chef, but how can you do that when you were born without taste buds?

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+ Short Story Ideas… And How to Brainstorm Your Own!