Short writing assignment ideas for middle school

Writing prompts for middle school pdf

What are they so afraid of? What do you like most about that person? What career are you best suited for? You wake up tomorrow with a silly superpower that makes you famous. Write about games that are being played literally as well as figuratively. What will be worse? You get to visit a museum on your own one day. Is it important for students to learn in a physical classroom today, or is an online classroom just as good? Finally, have those students fold their papers so only a few lines are visible and trade with another student. These prompts of course can be used in a number of different ways and can be adapted for a variety of different styles of writing! What things in your life are different? How do you help the ringmaster find a place to put on a show?

Describe something that you could sit and stare at forever. In the future, what extreme sports will people be talking about? Do you prefer to read books that are parts of series or standalone books? If you ran your school, how would you change things?

How do you find a place to put all these books? Describe how one of your important friendships evolved.

Narrative writing prompts for middle school

Tell an interesting story through someone else's perspective. You are the lead singer and star of a famous rock and roll band, but there is one problem — your drummer is jealous of your fame! Write about an experience when you felt like you had trouble relating with other people. You are a detective searching to solve a mystery. Imagine you are a meteorologist and people are starting to get angry that your weather predictions are always wrong. What is your latest experience with a convenience store or a gas station? Describe those gloves. Write a poem about your favorite activity or hobby. What is your favorite month of the year? Do you prefer to read books that are parts of series or standalone books? Do you think it is important to keep your room clean? Are you wearing them or is someone else wearing the gloves?

Write a poem about spring flowers. Can you answer this riddle from Alice in Wonderland?

summer writing prompts for middle school

You are a detective and are assigned to the case. If you have never been to the beach, what would you like to do the first time you visit? Write about someone that may be an outcast. Close your eyes and try to imagine standing in front of a bakery.

What happens when you wear the sweater?

fiction writing prompts for middle school

Look at any product in your house and read the ingredients labels. Imagine what it would be like and write about it.

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