The count of monte cristo book report

Caderousse becomes so drunk that he sits by as Danglars and Fernand discuss framing Edmond as a Bonapartist. Dantes appeared in Rome under the title Count of Monte Cristo.

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When Fernand confronts Monte Cristo, Edmond reveals who he is. There have been at least twenty-nine motion pictures based on it After many years in jail, he came back without revealing his identity to others.

Mercedes has disappeared, and his father has died, but Edmond learns that Morrel was a true friend to Edmond and tried to care for his father before he died. She is consumed with guilt over Edmond's disappearance and is able to recognize him when she meets him again.

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He also told him the whereabouts of the others. Villefort had once conducted an affair with Madame Danglars. In the end of the novel he found himself again and found happiness in Haydee. Ironically, Villefort's wife proves to be even more villainous than her husband, for she poisons the parents of Villefort's first wife; then she believes that she has successfully poisoned her husband's daughter by his first marriage.

He gives Caderousse a diamond that can be either a chance to redeem himself or a trap that will lead to his ruin.

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The Count of Monte Cristo