The effects of sex and violence

Survivors of sexual abuse may develop: Depression : The loss of bodily autonomy is often difficult to cope with. Finding proof is the job of Child Protective Services.


Safety Survivors' sense of safety has been altered; they may assess unsafe situations as safe and perceive safe situations as dangerous. The consequences of sexual violence are physical, like bruising and genital injuries, and psychological, such as depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts. Also among intimate-partner rape survivors, more than one-fifth lose time from paid work, with an average loss of 8. Additionally, there are financial costs to communities. Ellis, E. Long term reactions include coping mechanisms which may be beneficial and adaptive social support , or counterproductive and maladaptive self-harm, substance abuse, eating disorders. They may constantly think about things they should have done differently. General functioning General functioning was indicated by difficulties performing daily tasks and activities. No other incentives were given. Therapy offers a safe, private place to get help without judgment. Finding proof is the job of Child Protective Services. The consequences may also be chronic. We dichotomized the psychosocial outcomes such that scores above 75th percentile were arbitrarily selected to identify an impaired group for two reasons: First, information on an impaired group is important for identifying those at risk of psychosocial problems and for targeting intervention, thus making the possible clinical implications of our study of greater public health relevance. Measures The measures used for the current study were back-translated from English to Luo, the native language of the participants, by experts who are fluent in both the English language and Luo.

We grouped participants into three categories of sexual violence in order to allow for comparisons: No history of sexual violence and without any children; A history of sexual violence without any children; A history of sexual violence with children as a consequence. Data collection University graduates were recruited and thoroughly trained as research assistants to collect data for the study.

Rape is never the fault of the survivor, but rather the fault of the rapist. Many feel that they do not deserve support, that they are tainted, and that others will not want to be their friends or lovers.

Physical problems include genital injury and fistulae, while psychological ones include posttraumatic stress disorder PTSD and depression, and the social problems comprise stigma and poor community relations [ 6 ].

As the body and mind process the devastation of sexual violence, many different emotions, behaviors, and physical responses appear and disappear and may reappear.

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What is sexual harassment? Isolation This is a big issue for adult survivors. Sometimes in connection with the experience of numbness, survivors may seek out experiences that provide more intense physical sensations like self-injury.

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Table 1 Bivariate correlations between continuous measures of demographic characteristics and different psychosocial outcomes and their mean values Mean. Adults who were abused as children may have insecure attachment patterns.

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Preventing Sexual Violence