The great gatsby socratic seminar questions

Esther Lombardi is a veteran journalist who has written about literature, education, and technology. Daisy and Tom prove that wealth can make people careless, and self centered. The title The Great Gatsby, achieves the authors overall purpose as it better indicates the outcomes of the novel.

Which adaptations of the novel have you seen?

discussion questions for great gatsby chapters 1-3

How does religion figure into the novel? As far Gatsby, he never loved anyone else. How is alcohol used in the novel? Gatsby wants Daisy, and Daisy wants him too, though they cannot be together because of the psychological issues they separately possess.

The story, a symbolic portrayal of the decline of the American Dream, is an accurate depiction of the Jazz Age that cemented Fitzgerald as a fixture in literary history. On the other hand, there is Daisy. What did you think of them?

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