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Someone did. The USS Eldridge would be transferred to Greece in and sold for scrap in the 90s, but Allende's hoax would live on in our effing nightmares forever.

It could also be that the story is completely false. Strangely, though, there were no other witnesses of the alleged event. They were neither invisibility cloaks nor teleportation drives designed by aliens, but instead, they scrambled the magnetic signatures of ships using the degaussing technique, which provided protection from magnetic torpedoes aboard U-boats.

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Inthe United States transferred the Eldrige to the country of Greece. The USS Eldridge met an unceremonious end, with the decommissioned ship sold to a Grecian firm as scrap after five decades of service.

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It was also said that the warship went approximately ten minutes back in time. There were oblique references to the Philadelphia Experiment one example is that "Mr.

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Later, it was decommissioned and sold as scrap. An American legend Whatever may be the case, the story of the Philadelphia Experiment has become an American legend. Then, instantaneously and inexplicably, the Eldridge disappeared.

Source: Wikimedia Commons, fair use. Overall, the ship was in service for 50 years.

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Future Events Fast forward to Evidence and research[ edit ] The historian Mike Dash [2] notes that many authors who publicized the "Philadelphia Experiment" story after that of Jessup appeared to have conducted little or no research of their own. Jessup, author of the book, The Case for the UFO, in which he argued that unidentified flying objects merit further study. It has all of the signs of a lie: 1 a single witness, 2 a secret government plot, and 3 pseudoscientific revelations possibly from alien sources. George E. How Stuff Works suggested that the "green glow" reported by witnesses that day could be explained by an electric storm or St. Dodge, who commanded a Liberty ship at the time of the teleporting experiment, claimed in his letter that neither his crew nor he ever saw any strange developments at Norfolk in Virginia. Allende declined to provide any of these and Jessup began to dismiss the stories as odd tales. I'll never sleep again.

The idea was to win the Battle of the Atlantic at any cost.

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What really happened during the Philadelphia Experiment?