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Consequently, the icebergs at the poles are melting and increasing the sea levels. Trees are classified according to different characteristics. Your comments and suggestions will serve as an inspiration and learning platform for me.

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Trees grow in gardens and parks. These powerful events can be managed only up to a certain level and yet result in the desertion of forests for a long time. These are the gifts of trees for human beings. They are the natural abode to numerous tribes existing in the forests; birds also use them as their home. But according to this it is looking in future that our generation is not going outside house. Trees are the basis of healthy life Trees are our family member and they play a great role in the protection from pollution. The Bishnoi community from the state of Rajasthan is one such example. Trees provide shade. All herbivorous and omnivorous animals depend on trees for their food too.

For example, the flowers and fruit of the canon ball tree are unique. Deforestation is the main culprit behind it with many other factors lying in its base. We can learn many things from trees and plants to become valuable for country, society and enjoyable for kids. The tree is the basis of healthy life.

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There are evergreen trees, which stay green through the year. Yet it stands stock straight, a proud grey obelisk with branches sticking out emphatically, thick and defiant at the bottom, frail toward the top. Is it helpful to you? Trees are also a source of fuel. Trees may grow to be very tall, or may be short in height. Trees assume a particularly vital job in improving our quality of life we enjoy, especially in the urban conditions. As far as possible, wastage of paper should be avoided. For instance, more land is needed for the consistently growing population. Birds mostly build their nests and raise their young ones in trees. Deforestation is responsible for growing air pollution. Plant new ones: This is a more direct approach but imagine if for every house built, there is a tree planted. The Importance of Trees: It is not only for their oxygen-producing capacity that the trees are important for us.

Trees have been felled recklessly.

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Importance of Trees in our Life