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George wanted a proper job and wanted to live on his own. Steinbeck has a very particular style of writing. Perhaps one reason George kills Lennie himself is because Candy always regrets not killing his dog himself. As George ready's himself to shoot Lennie, he gets Lennie to look into the hills and think about their dream, so he could nearly see it.

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In the novel 'Flowers or Algernon', by Daniel Keyes, another mentally challenged man, Charlie, loses his innocence and dreams, of being like everyone else, when, through the aid of an operation, realizes people were making fun of him rather than being his friends.

No-one really knows how to stop Lennie from doing all the 'bad things' that he does, even George might not know how to completely stop him — even though he tells him that he shouldn't do certain things, Lennie has next to no memory, so he has to keep an extra eye on Lennie to make sure he doesn't do 'bad things'.

Steinbeck refers to Lennie as "a bear.

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There are many reasons why George decided to kill Lennie in the end, many of the events leading up to his decision mean that Lennie will die even if George doesn't kill him. That is why George stayed with him the whole way, because he cared about Lennie and his safety.

Why did George kill Lennie? Although Lennie was annoying, the reasoning for killing him shows you that George thought did the right thing to kill Lennie.

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I am also going to give a brief outline of the story. Their lives have been shaped by their friendship and they rely strongly on each other. He cleverly leads the reader towards a conclusion without them even knowing it. The police will not prosecute Curly and the men for taking law into there own hands. That is why he was hesitating to shoot him at the end. He seems to prepare us for the death of Lennie through the story line. Overall there are many reasons why George decided to kill Lennie, one being that he can't stand to see Lennie struggle with life without him, that he doesn't want Lennie to be hurt because he can't bear to think about how Lennie wouldn't and couldn't live properly without him. Through his actions and words, you can tell that something is not quite right with Lennie. George is somewhat tired of him forgetting once and a while and getting into trouble, but ultimately he grew attached to him. By killing George himself, George is able to make sure it is done humanely. In the story, the first thing he gets in trouble for is in Weed.

They all so share a dream, a dream of owning their Lennie keeps on messing up and so George and Lennie have to move elsewhere. Words:Paragraphs: 11, Pages: 5 Publication date: June 02, Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website!

It is in this relationship that the true foundation of companionship is expressed.

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It was best that he was shot because he would of gone through so much suffering. Lennie starts thinking about how he would tend to the rabbits and get to pet them, this was probably Lennie's idea of heaven so George thinks that if Lennie thinks about the dream as he dies, as the last thing he ever thinks about then maybe that will be Lennie's heaven. They all so share a dream, a dream of owning their The great depression makes people feel alone and helpless in their lives, so George could feel alone in his decision to kill Lennie, as even after talking to Slim about it, he is still unsure of what he will do right up until minutes before he kills him. Often times, when a movie is based off of a book, people tend to compare which one is superior to the other. Also, George would not be there to protect him at all. In the novella Of Mice and Men, author George Steinbeck provides a glimpse into the lives of two itinerant farmers whose only true possessions are those two elements. We immediately make the association of the dog and Lennie without any judgments having been made. They would have gone through anything together. He thought and cared for him like family.
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