Write a linear search program in java

Space complexity of linear search is O 1 for iterative solution as no extra space is needed. Pros and Cons of Linear Search For small lists of unordered elements, sequential search is easy to implement and reasonably efficient.

Analysis of Linear Search In the best case, the first element in the collection is the desired target item, which performs in O 1 constant time. Linear search Java program Java program for linear search can be written in both recursive and iterative ways.

If the list is large enough and does record frequent additions and deletions then it is better not to apply sequential search on the list.

How Linear search works Linear search as the name suggests works by linearly searching the input array for the searched element. Linear search is proved very useful in the context when you need to search an element in a list and the list is not ordered.

References Linear or Sequential Search Linear search algorithm traverse through the given list sequentially and checks every elements of the list, one at a time and in sequence, until the desired element is found or the list ends.

java program for binary search

If you have any doubt or any suggestions to make please drop a comment. Java Program for Linear Search The implementation of sequential or linear search is trivial.

If the list is stored as an array, you need only start at the first element of the array and compare it to the target. Last Word In this tutorial we discussed linear search.

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Java Program for Linear Search