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To understand global warming, it's first necessary to become familiar with the greenhouse effect, though. Many scientists agree that the damage to the Earth's atmosphere and climate is past the point of no return or that the damage is near the point of no return. Such gases are called as green house gas like CO2, methane, nitrogen oxide, CFCs, ozone, etc trap heat and warm the earth surface.

So by cutting down trees and forests for farmland and other human uses, more carbon dioxide is also added into the atmosphere.

Effects of global warming

Let us know! In certain cases, these chemicals are the replacement for ozone-depleting compounds like CFCs. Jump to navigation Jump to search The greenhouse effect occurs when certain gases in the Earth's atmosphere the air around the Earth trap infrared radiation. Re-radiation of the heat increases temperature in the lower atmosphere of the earth which elevates the average surface temperature. Venus, on the other hand, has a very dense atmosphere that traps solar radiation; the average temperature on Venus is about F C. Such records must be analysed carefully, to identify the influence of any non-climate factors such as changes in observing site or method, or encroaching urban development. Therefore, the amount of the heat the greenhouse gases are trapping is increasing with the gradual increase in the concentration of greenhouse gases present in the atmosphere. There are those that say that gases are not the cause of global warming, though that goes against the opinion of the global scientific community. Was greenhouse effect always a bad news? Step 2: The rest of the sun's energy is absorbed by the land and the oceans, heating the Earth. Over periods of a few years, fluctuations in global surface temperatures of a few tenths of a degree are common. This is because fluctuations in ground surface temperatures propagate slowly downwards into the earth as a "temperature wave".

The answer to the second question is no. There are many green house gases available on the earth however carbon dioxide and water vapour have more power to absorb infrared radiations of the earth and block such radiations to go back to the atmosphere.

Without the greenhouse effect, the Earth's average temperature would be around or degrees Celsius 0 or 1 degree Fahrenheit.

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It reached the ppm milestone on May 9, However, the temperature of the outside will always be lower than the temperate inside the greenhouse. Temperature and global warming, both are affecting each other.

What is global warming

Therefore, the climate changes vary in different regions. Greenhouse Gases Greenhouse gases include carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide. In the absence of it, earth may get too cold and in the presence of it, earth may get too hot. This is because humans have been using large amounts of fossil fuels , which release carbon dioxide when they are burned. You can select any of the essays according to the word limits. The energy from the sun enters the room. The amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has been climbing to where today it is 30 percent greater than , years ago. Carbon dioxide is released when we use fossil fuels, such as coal, oil and natural gas. Adapt to the changing climate which includes things like rising sea level and related flooding.

Therefore, the solar energy helps in warming the soil and aiding in the plant growth and vegetation. The remaining 70 percent of incoming solar radiation is absorbed by the oceans, the land and the atmosphere.

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Explainer: Global warming and the greenhouse effect