Writing essay using mind map

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Writing essay using mind map

Using arrowhead or lines to let what you note down in a logical way. Com has a few books on Mind-Mapping which can be obtained here. Continuation Once students are familiar with the idea of making mind maps, they can be encouraged to use this skill for further writing activities.

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Benefits An easy and fun tool to use for brainstorming. The advantages of mind maps Making a mind map should be a spontaneous pre-writing activity. Before introducing how to write an essay by mind maps, we should know the meaning of an essay. Mind maps work well as their visual design enables students to see the relationship between ideas, and encourages them to group certain ideas together as they proceed. Example Example Log in to leave feedback. Click on the image below to enlarge it. It will help develop an overall structure which provides a more comprehensive perspective.

Use key words or phrases to write your ideas. Write the name of the topic in the centre of the page. How to create a mind map There are three steps to mind mapping. Most are self-explanatory. The end result should be an organised display of information, showing the central topic, and a number of subtopics and further points that stem from it.

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How to create a mind map