Your most treasured possession

Could you just walk away from everything today with only your family and your treasured possession? It's also a place where my secrets are stored.

my most treasured possession is my family

They remind me of my first love and of the people I adore. I was in an art camp. Thirteen years ago my parents home burned down.

Your most treasured possession

I have a special box for my board games: Deck, Chess, Monopoly, Clue and many others. Aleksandra III 1 The thing that I would rescue from a burning building is a book filled with all of my memories: my photo album.

Every time I went to sleep some place outside our home I'd put my elephant in the car and he'd go with me. This baby is sexy as hell. Now, years later, we don't play them so often, but when we want to bet, we play three different games, then I remember the old times, back when I was a girl, unaware of anything else around me but the games.

To Karen and Hannah, who have been my partners, enablers and challengers! Also has a wonderful appeal for again, sentimental value. When I got it I thought that elephants were blue, but when I saw a real one I realized I was wrong and I was so disappointed.

I will keep it forever. Writing a diary is like going to a psychotherapist's session: I release my anger, aggression, anxiety and other unpleasant emotions in it.

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What is your most treasured possession and to whom will you pass it on?